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How to Look Good Bald?

If you have decided to have a bald head then it means that you will opt for hair care because if you bald your head then your scalp will come up in direct contact with external factors. It will cause you serious dandruff problems and having an aftershave will not help you with this. For that, you need a bald head lotion which will work fantastically in it. These lotions will make your skin elastic and moisturized.

There are a lot of brands that will provide you some good quality products but some of them consist of the same products so before buying a hair product you need to research a bit about it. You have to select your hair moisturizer after looking out for these factors:

How to Look Good Bald?

Your skin type

Select a perfect lotion for your scalp if you have an oily scalp then go for the lightweight lotions and if you have dry skin then go for the heavy moisturizers. Always try to take the organic moisturizers because they are easy absorbable by your skin and washes very easily. Also, take a look on that it will not block up the pores on your head.

Good Quality Sunscreens

Since after you bald your head the scalp will come in direct contact with the sun. So whenever you go out you must have to wear a layer of sunscreen lotion on your head to protect your head from sunburns. So select a good quality sunscreen because it is a matter of your scalp and any looseness will cause you heavy damages. Some of the dermatologists will suggest wearing a layer of sunscreen even in winters.

Easy in packing

Always prefer a lotion that comes with proper packaging measured because having a bad quality packaging capacity will cause you the wastage of the lotion in traveling. You can prefer tubes for a good packaging capacity.

Finishing Look

After all, it is a lotion so everybody should expect some more qualities from a lotion. So there are some brands that provide you the lotions that will not only protect your scalp but also provide you a fine finish and matte look.


Many of the lotions comes up with some mild scents and some lotions will have a smell of organic substance that will be used to make it. Some of the lotions are smell free and some of them contain collagen-like smell which is very strong for the persons who are very sensitive for scents. There are some flavors in which the scented lotions come up like lavender and sandalwood.

Consistency of the lotion

There are some aftershaves that are very thick in concentration and some of them are almost solid. Some of them sometimes need to get warmer if they get colder. Many of the people will prefer lotion because they are very light in concentration and will never solidify.

Ingredients of the lotion

Best bald head lotions are made up of organic materials and are free from paraben and dry alcohol. A wide range of variety will allow you to get the exact product according to your requirement. Firstly get to know about your skin and then select the perfect lotion for your skin type. Some of the lotions come with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients which will protect your skin from bacteria and fungus problems. Some of the lotions contain shea butter which is considered as one of the best sources of moisturizing your skin.

How to Look Good Bald?

There are some handpicked products which will help you in selecting your perfect lotion:

Urban ReLeaf Skin for men

For protecting your skin with cuts and abrasions you need a special type of moisturizer. This product is very rich with like these ingredients and it will make your skin smooth and glossy. This product is made up of 100 percent natural ingredients. Skin silk is the solution that is used as the aftershave and it will also instantly heal all your cracks. This lotion also contains the antibacterial content which will protect you from harmful bacteria attacks. The lotion contains coconut oils, soy plant oil and shea butter which will nourish your skin. This lotion is used without water which means it does not contain any mess and does not spill while applying. When you apply this to your skin then it will become a little warmer but after that, it will make your skin soft.

HeadBlade HeadLube Glossy Aftershave Moisturizer Lotion

This lotion is specially manufactured for the bald men. It will not only nourish your skin but also give your skin a glossy look and make it shiny. The main ingredients of this lotion are water and safflower, these two ingredients are formulated with the goodness of tea tree oil. It will not block your pores and comes in a scent-free formula. This formula does not contain any SPF which means it will not provide you any protection from the sun.

Thena Natural Wellness Organic Natural Moisturizing Lotion

This lotion contains shea butter, Jojoba oil, avocado oil, and other natural oils. It will also contain inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera comfrey, chamomile, and calendula which will nourish your skin. It also comes with the goodness of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Honey, and Vitamin C. After having a nourishing nature it will also protect your skin with harmful bacterial attacks. If you are looking for a daily based moisturizing lotion then this will be your first choice. The packaging of this lotion is very handy and you can take it whenever you are traveling.


These are some of the aspects and products that you have to look before buying a moisturizer for your head. Maintaining your bald head is a bit tough task because it will require extra maintenance. But if it the matter of your body then you have to conscious about it.

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How to Smell Good?

In order to smell good every time, then one has to make the use of a variety of cosmetic products like strength deodorant. Consider the perfect perfume that is well known as a classic solution that is used by poor and rich people. So many options are available in the market like scented oils, fragrances, and other things that will able to freshen up the body. To keep odors away, then try to consume a lot of water that will surely smell good. It is highly recommended that one should consume almost 96 fluid ounces each day that will create a positive impact on health.

Moreover, one should invest money in best perfumes for men. If you want a body with a great smell, then you opt for a perfect perfume sachet where one can easily store the underwear. It is proven to be a great method that will surely work on the bras and compression shorts. There are plenty of natural methods that are out there that you can use after a heavy workout session. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to discuss the essential points that will help you in smelling good every day.

How to Smell Good?

Use perfume on Hairbrush

One should spray the hairbrush with perfume properly. Make sure that you aren’t spraying perfume on the hairs because it will damage the roots. Therefore, the user must opt for a perfumes for men and apply them on the brush. After that, you will surely be able to create a trail of the scent. If you don’t want to create a negative impact on the hairs, then one should make the use of genuine perfume. Moreover, you will have to spray the Bare Torso with Fragrance that is considered an effective method. After that, your body will surely smell pleasant all day.

There are a lot of lightly scented deodorants available that will able to add a pleasant smell to the outfit. If you have any allergic reaction with the scent, then one should invest money in the lightly deodorant that is proven to be great. One should create a particular checklist of the best perfumes and opt for the best one that can be reliable for you. Apart from that, one must make the use of shoe spray that is originally used by the athletes.

Maintain eating habits

Bad breath will surely ruin an outfit. Try to avoid the consumption of pungent foods like chives, garlic, and onions that are associated with bad breath. It is highly recommended that one must invest money in a particular toothbrush kit, mouthwash, and gum that will surely keep the breath fresh.

There are some DIY perfume lotions out there that come with some great fragrances. The majority of the folks are creating their own lotion that will look & smell good. Therefore, a user must invest money in the unscented lotions add perfume according to the requirements. One always has to create a perfect perfume that will able to eradicate the odors from the body. A lot of quality soaps are out there that will keep the germs away from the body and will improve the scent profile with ease. Therefore, you will have to always invest money in a particular soap that is associated with a lot of things like natural scents and moisturizers. If you don’t want to dry the hands, then one must opt for the best products.

What about body oil?

If you want to do something extra, then one should make the use of Body oil that surely gives good smells to the body. You will have to massage the body with scented oils that will improve the overall glow of the body. All you need to opt for the genuine oil that will surely good smelling body. Make sure that you are investing money in the genuine hair-specific perfume that will eradicate the harsh and dangerous smell. There are so many sites are out there that are offering the perfumes. In case you are overboard with perfume, then one should make the use of makeup that will able to wipe the scent from the body.

Lightly spray

In order to smell good, then you should spray the bedding essentials with relaxing perfumes. It is highly recommended that one should always invest money in the genuine perfume that will automatically change the smell of the body.  Apart from that, if you are one who is keeping the travel-sized bottles with you, then it will surely automatically reduce the life of perfume. You will always have to spray the cotton balls using fragrances. One should always keep the plastic bag in the purse. Moreover, the rollerball is one of the great methods that will able to eliminate the overspray related issue. Try to invest money in the favorite perfume that can give a great smell to the body.

Apart from perfumes, you should moisturize the skin using scented lotions and creams that can be reliable for the skin. You will able to make the scent last by using the right products on the body. There are a lot of coordinating perfumes and colognes are available that can be reliable for the body.  You don’t have to wear the polyester because it is associated with bacteria and harbor sweat that is automatically creating unpleasant odor in the body.

Choose unscented products

There are so many fantastic unscented products are out there like lotions, sunscreens, face wash, and lotions without any fragrances.  One should create a particular checklist of best perfumes and consider the best one that will make the clothes and skin smell good all day.  Moreover, you should always spray essential clothes by making the use of fabric deodorizers like linen spray and Febreze.

Moving Further, so many fantastic products are out there that will able to freshen up the dangly bits, armpits lips, and other things. If you want to eradicate the unusual odors from the body, then one should make the use of genuine products.

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Best Way to Get Rid of Sore Muscles

Sore muscles are the side impacts that are caused due to the excessive exertion put on the muscles due to various reasons. The primary reason for muscle soreness is due to improperly done gymnastics, aerobics, brisk walking, and many others. Muscles of the body can be hurt or pained due to several possible reasons that cause inflammation and irritation in the muscles.

Best Way to Get Rid of Sore Muscles

A pain caused by sore muscles is an indication of wrongly performed workout. If the performer is getting muscle soreness, then it is a symbol of strengthening muscles. But if the swelling lasts for more than three days, then it is something serious to be cautious. When you do gymnastics or any physical workout, the stiff fibers of your muscles start to break down. The replenishing procedure of muscles leads to significant and robust muscles. Due to this whole process, the muscles of your body will be ready to grasp the stress of the future workout programme.

Effective ways to get relief from the problem of muscle soreness


Walking slowly in a grassy area or ground with wearing sport shoes on is a helpful way to get rid of sore or swollen muscles. It is proved that many people get benefitted from this secure method.

Best Way to Get Rid of Sore Muscles


It is the first solution that comes to the minds of many patients that suffer from muscle soreness. Stretching the nearby muscles of the affected area helps in resolving the issue of muscle soreness.

Heat compression

Applying a heating pad on the affected muscle is known to be one of the best solutions for attaining relief from sore muscles. The heat expands the sore muscle, and it is said to apply a cold compression too, after the heat compression. Doing this action twice per day is recommended.

Ice compression

After applying heat compression, the expanded muscles need to be placed in their original position. It can be done with the help of using ice cubes or anything cool such as frozen peas on the impacted area. It removes the stiffness from the muscle. Perform this task for four days continuously for quicker results.

Warm bath

A bath in the bathtub having tepid water in it by adding one or two drops of essential oils is known to be the best bath soak for sore muscles. Adding a few pinches of rock salt in it is assumed to be a cherry on the cake. It is supposed to be the best remedy for swollen muscles. This trick heals your muscles and soothes your mind as well.

Best Way to Get Rid of Sore Muscles


Numerous massaging creams and gels are available in the medical market that provides aid in getting relief from the issue of sore muscles. Doing this procedure of massaging for at least 10 minutes elevates the problem of sore muscles at a faster rate as compared to other options.


This is the most used drug in the case of sore or swollen muscles. When someone is having issues with their muscles, it is advised to take medicines or drugs with a proper prescription from an expert medical practitioner. These drugs might have some side effects if taken in excessive quantity. Hence, it is advised to in-take medications that are suitable for your body.


This strategy is applied when anyone faces an issue regarding sore muscles. Oils such as lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, etc. are regarded as some of the best oils having healing properties of resolving the problem of muscle stiffness as well as muscle soreness.

These are the following precautions you have to take if you want to get rid of sore muscles faster

Avoid gymnastics

When suffering from sore muscles, the patient is suggested not to perform any activities that cause exertion in the already affected tissue for a minimum of three to four days until the muscles are treated completely. Workout tasks need to avoid because they lead to more friction in the muscles.

No brisk walking

Fast walking should be ignored when you are facing troubles with your muscles. Light and slow walking is supposed to be healthy and might help in getting rid of sore muscles in a short period.

Say no to alcohol

Alcohol has the properties of increasing the stress levels of the human mind and body. It is highly suggested by medical practitioners to stay away from alcohol when suffering from sore muscles.

Best Way to Get Rid of Sore Muscles

Take rest

If you need to get treated from the issue of sore muscles faster, then it is necessary to keep yourself at home for a few days. It is advised to avoid going to the gym and running. One can also keep your affected leg or arm overheat mattress.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is supposed to impact muscles at a high level as compared to others as compared to other aspects. A single cigarette contains a large amount of nicotine, cyanide, , lead, carbon monoxide, and many other harmful and toxic elements.


If your affected area is your arm, then it is recommended to raise your arm above your heart. It will assist your stiff muscle and heal it promptly. It will improve the blood circulation of your entire body by providing blood to the affected arm.

Professional tip

When a person is suffering from sore muscles, he is recommended to use ice pads and heat pads more frequently. Applying them at least twice or thrice per day at regular intervals for a minimum of three to four days is known to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of the issue of soreness in muscles.

Best Way to Get Rid of Sore Muscles

Medical practitioners give their patients to take ibuprofen because it is the most beneficial anti-inflammatory, prescribed in the cases of sore muscles. It is also suggested to ask your doctor before in-taking them. They might have serious side effects such as fluctuations in blood pressure, increased heart and pulse rate.