How to Look Good Bald?

How to Look Good Bald?

If you have decided to have a bald head then it means that you will opt for hair care because if you bald your head then your scalp will come up in direct contact with external factors. It will cause you serious dandruff problems and having an aftershave will not help you with this. For that, you need a bald head lotion which will work fantastically in it. These lotions will make your skin elastic and moisturized.
There are a lot of brands that will provide you some good quality products but some of them consist of the same products so before buying a hair product you need to research a bit about it. You have to select your hair moisturizer after looking out for these factors:

How to Look Good Bald?

Your skin type

Select a perfect lotion for your scalp if you have an oily scalp then go for the lightweight lotions and if you have dry skin then go for the heavy moisturizers. Always try to take the organic moisturizers because they are easy absorbable by your skin and washes very easily. Also, take a look on that it will not block up the pores on your head.

Good Quality Sunscreens

Since after you bald your head the scalp will come in direct contact with the sun. So whenever you go out you must have to wear a layer of sunscreen lotion on your head to protect your head from sunburns. So select a good quality sunscreen because it is a matter of your scalp and any looseness will cause you heavy damages. Some of the dermatologists will suggest wearing a layer of sunscreen even in winters.

Easy in packing

Always prefer a lotion that comes with proper packaging measured because having a bad quality packaging capacity will cause you the wastage of the lotion in traveling. You can prefer tubes for a good packaging capacity.

Finishing Look

After all, it is a lotion so everybody should expect some more qualities from a lotion. So there are some brands that provide you the lotions that will not only protect your scalp but also provide you a fine finish and matte look.


Many of the lotions comes up with some mild scents and some lotions will have a smell of organic substance that will be used to make it. Some of the lotions are smell free and some of them contain collagen-like smell which is very strong for the persons who are very sensitive for scents. There are some flavors in which the scented lotions come up like lavender and sandalwood.

Consistency of the lotion

There are some aftershaves that are very thick in concentration and some of them are almost solid. Some of them sometimes need to get warmer if they get colder. Many of the people will prefer lotion because they are very light in concentration and will never solidify.

Ingredients of the lotion

Best bald head lotions are made up of organic materials and are free from paraben and dry alcohol. A wide range of variety will allow you to get the exact product according to your requirement. Firstly get to know about your skin and then select the perfect lotion for your skin type. Some of the lotions come with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients which will protect your skin from bacteria and fungus problems. Some of the lotions contain shea butter which is considered as one of the best sources of moisturizing your skin.

How to Look Good Bald?

There are some handpicked products which will help you in selecting your perfect lotion:

Urban ReLeaf Skin for men

For protecting your skin with cuts and abrasions you need a special type of moisturizer. This product is very rich with like these ingredients and it will make your skin smooth and glossy. This product is made up of 100 percent natural ingredients. Skin silk is the solution that is used as the aftershave and it will also instantly heal all your cracks. This lotion also contains the antibacterial content which will protect you from harmful bacteria attacks. The lotion contains coconut oils, soy plant oil and shea butter which will nourish your skin. This lotion is used without water which means it does not contain any mess and does not spill while applying. When you apply this to your skin then it will become a little warmer but after that, it will make your skin soft.

HeadBlade HeadLube Glossy Aftershave Moisturizer Lotion

This lotion is specially manufactured for the bald men. It will not only nourish your skin but also give your skin a glossy look and make it shiny. The main ingredients of this lotion are water and safflower, these two ingredients are formulated with the goodness of tea tree oil. It will not block your pores and comes in a scent-free formula. This formula does not contain any SPF which means it will not provide you any protection from the sun.

Thena Natural Wellness Organic Natural Moisturizing Lotion

This lotion contains shea butter, Jojoba oil, avocado oil, and other natural oils. It will also contain inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera comfrey, chamomile, and calendula which will nourish your skin. It also comes with the goodness of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Honey, and Vitamin C. After having a nourishing nature it will also protect your skin with harmful bacterial attacks. If you are looking for a daily based moisturizing lotion then this will be your first choice. The packaging of this lotion is very handy and you can take it whenever you are traveling.


These are some of the aspects and products that you have to look before buying a moisturizer for your head. Maintaining your bald head is a bit tough task because it will require extra maintenance. But if it the matter of your body then you have to conscious about it.